Different Doorway:
Adventures of a Caesarean Born
by Jane English

With nearly 20% of the babies in the U.S. being born caesarean, we all need to be aware of the differences between caesarean born and vaginally born people.

This book is a record of the author's ten years of actively exploring the personal, social and spiritual implications of having herself been born non-labor caesarean.

"Jane English points out that the dominant culture has been designed for vaginally born individuals, so it is no surprise that caesareans may often feel 'out of sync' with their environment. She also observes that caesarean births are only 'different', not 'abnormal'; as such, the caesarean born may have unique perspectives on life to share with other people."
-Stanley Krippner, in the Institute of Noetic Sciences Newsletter

"Since approximately 20% of all individuals in North America may now enter through this 'different doorway,' this book is relevant to all of us who are involved in birth education, support, exploration, and process."
-Pre and Perinatal Psychology Journal

"Now the most important feeling I got from reading Different Doorway is a validation of my belief that my way of entering the world has had profound implications in the way I live in the world.
-caesarean born labor nurse

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ISBN: 0-934747-39-3, 143 pages - quality paperback
24 drawings by the author and others

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